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Beware These 8 Youth-Zapping Makeup Mistakes That Steal Your Thunder

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We try to avoid wrinkles, fine lines, and uneven skin, but we rarely consider how cosmetics can cause them.

While everyone ages, there's nothing wrong with it, how you apply cosmetics might have unwanted consequences. If you've ever applied foundation to achieve a smooth, even complexion, you know how frustrating it is when your makeup makes your skin look worse.

Makeup should help you look and feel your best. Classic makeup looks are beautiful on all ages. Technique and understanding are key to avoiding fine wrinkles, sallow skin, and dark circles. Applying makeup correctly and utilizing a Beautyblender can help disprove the myth that it causes wrinkles.

The following common blunders are making you seem older, so we’ve shared pro advice on how to remedy them -- from applying the wrong foundation and blending techniques to choosing an awful lipstick color.

Now, it’s true that there's no "perfect" method to apply makeup. It is a form of self-expression, after all. However, you can use these makeup “master strokes” to avoid looking older unintentionally.

Makeup Missteps That Age You Instantly

1. Not blurring your face

A perfect base prevents makeup from converging into wrinkles and deepening them. Blurring primers soften and disguise fine lines for a more youthful appearance.

"Starting with a nice base makes everything on top lay smoother and longer," says makeup artist Jamie Dorman. This varies by skin type. For example, dry skin should be moisturized before makeup application.

2. Using the wrong foundation

Your skin type also determines which foundation you should use. Dry skin responds nicely to water-based treatments. Oily skin benefits from silicone-based matte-setting products. Middle-skin types should use a satin-finish liquid foundation. Powder makeup accentuates wrinkles, crow's feet, and frown lines while drying and artificializing the skin. Keep skin hydrated and dewy using creams.

3. Applying foundation in the wrong way

Please use the right application tool. Dorman suggests using the foundation formula to choose applications. Soft, dappled foundation brushes work best with liquids. Dorman recommends a flat synthetic brush for cream-based makeup. Using the right equipment and product will result in a dewy, youthful airbrushed appearance.

4. Emphasizing dark circles

Dark circles grow harder to fade with age. If you use highlighting concealer all over, it will highlight the issue area. Dorman says it’s best to use it, "only in the deep hollows under your eyes." Remember, the whole purpose of concealer is to hide, not reveal problem areas.

5. Not highlighting your eye shape

If your eyes aren't as huge and stunning as before, you can try this trick, depending on your skin tone. Dorman says putting shadow to the crease contours and lifts the eyes. To accent the crease, use a matte shadow two shades darker than your skin tone and sweep it upward. This can help to enlarge your eyes.

If you have hooded eyes or no crease, utilize eyeshadow to attract emphasis to your eyes. Replace the crease with your orbital bone. This is your eyebrow bone. Blend a darker hue from the outside corner of the eye up toward the orbital bone. Keep lighter colors closer to the eye's interior and darker shades closer to the outside. This makes the eyes appear large and bright.

6. Using super-dark (read: too dark) eyeliner

Switch from black to dark eyeliner. It won't seem different, but it will gradually brighten your whites without making your eyes look tired. Dorman says dark eyeliner might draw the eye downward. Instead of eyeliner under your eyes, blend a lighter shadow. Deepen your top lid shade to define your eyes.

7. Not rehydrating skin

Dry skin may cause makeup to age you. Makeup can dehydrate the skin, accentuate pores, and accentuate wrinkles and fine lines. This could be why makeup makes your skin look worse. Dorman says most skin types grow dry regardless of oil production. "Mist with a moisturizing spray once a day, or more if your area is dry." Use a face mist to refresh; moisturized skin looks plumper.

8. Blending your contour down

If you blend your contour down instead of up from the cheekbone, your makeup could actually make you look worse. Contouring should lift rather than lower the face. After applying, mix with upward brushstrokes. You'll look youthful and alert. No facelift needed, just bronzer.