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Fabulously Fit & Setting Trends, Marjorie Harvey Is Simply Goals At 57

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Marjorie Harvey has many titles that can be applied to her, including wife, mother, grandmother, philanthropist, and businesswoman.

She is also swiftly becoming recognized as a woman of fashion. Marjorie is best known to many as the stunning wife of comedian, talk show/radio host and author Steve Harvey.

Nearly 30 years ago, Marjorie, who is now 57, first encountered Steve in a comedy club. It seemed as though they instantly clicked.

Marjorie Harvey tells Essence that she learned a lot of what she knew about Steve through reading and watching the news. She said they had been close and dated for a while, but she believed that the main reason they broke up was the distance between them.

“There was no action. My heart wasn't hurt by him. His heart was not broken by me. Back then, someone would have had to make a choice because it was just a long-distance relationship. There was no action.

“It was quite simple for me to follow my heart and return to the man I once loved because I was so smitten with Steve when I first met him. I could unwind with Steve since I was confident in his integrity and knew he hadn't previously hurt me. Because trust is a big thing, he was certain that he could place his complete trust in me. He and I were able to move past the initial hiccups much more quickly and simply resume our previous relationship,” she explained.

Marjorie Harvey, a loving grandmother of three and mother of seven, is aware of the value of education and the problems that today's youngsters must deal with.

A few years ago, she and her husband founded the Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation (SMHF) to create national and worldwide initiatives dedicated to developing excellence in the lives of kids and their families.

Girls Who Rule The World (GWRTW), Marjorie's flagship program for the SMHF, gives girls a platform to learn about the advantages and significance of having a healthy self-image, acting responsibly, respecting oneself and others, achieving academically, and gaining culturally.

Marjorie Harvey decided to launch The Lady Loves Couture, a fashion and lifestyle blog, after turning the big 50 back in 2014. The blog recounts Harvey's amazing fashion adventures and offers insider knowledge and advice for living luxuriously on any budget.

Many women, including her daughter, Lori Harvey, are envious of Marjorie's skin. The skincare industry is taking notice of Lori as a result.

"My mom's skin is still incredibly gorgeous. I just wanted to always emulate how glowing her complexion was because I was always so enamored with it," Harvey admitted to PEOPLE. "I used to get into her products when she was out of the house or asleep and just attempt to duplicate what I observed her do."

In addition to caring about how she looks, Marjorie also posts some of her workouts on social media and makes a point of continuing to exercise and maintain top-notch physical condition well into her sixties.

As they get older, women start to worry about things like psoriatic arthritis, diabetes, heart failure, numerous skin conditions, and other physical ailments. Both sexes can be affected by psoriatic arthritis, however older women are more likely to experience unique issues.

We may, however, be confident that Marjorie is taking exceptional care of herself, given that her husband has admitted to spending nearly half a million dollars per year on his own health.