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Make Your Home Lush: Shop These Black Women-Owned Plant Businesses

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Every year, more black women establish enterprises selling plants, and they infuse the environment with creativity and peace.

Plant shops, both online and offline, can help individuals find serenity and happiness by adding a little greenery to their life. If you like plants or want to learn more about them, check out these black-owned businesses and find the right flower for your house or office.

1. The Iman Project LLC

You may buy plants that help you relax at The Plant Project LLC, the first black woman-owned plant shop in Dallas. Bree Clarke created a plant store because she saw a shortage of black and brown persons in plant sales. One of the best features of this store is its rich history. It's in Freedman's Town, the first colony of emancipated slaves. The Plant Project in Dallas is a safe space for plant lovers to celebrate the culture and the people who love them.

2. Birds & Bees Nursery

Birds & Bees Nursery in Portland, Oregon, was founded by two black high school friends. Their passion for plants and gardening inspired them to create a business where locals sell plants for home and garden. It also donates to several social justice, agricultural, and charity organizations. Black Lives Matter, Planned Parenthood, and The Okra Project are a few.

3. Tal & Bert

A plant and home decor store owned by Val Talbert & Ray Talbert. Tal and Bert has an online and offline store. Val is in charge of the front end, and Ray is in charge of the back end. The coupe uses plants, raw materials, and industrial concrete in its designs. There are two shops in Pittsburgh where you can see the designs and art from over 70 additional women and minority-owned businesses.

4. The Plant Salon

People continued wanting to buy plants from Nika Vaughan's studio in West Chicago, so she launched The Plant Salon. Here, you can learn about beauty and self-care — and your plants. The salon sells handmade goods including body oils, natural clay masks, and hand soaps, as well as tropical plants. If you like plants and live in Chicago, you should definitely check it out.

5. Planting With P

Unless you have a lot of time, consider Planting With P, an online plant shop that delivers houseplants to your door. Paris Hannon’s brainchild also provides wreaths, flower arrangements, candles, smudge sticks and self-care packs. For an added bonus, Planting With P offers customers the All Things Plant Related Subscription Box. It includes a sage stick, DIY plant kits, and a potting session.

6. Grounded

Another virtual plant store that believes plants can transform a space, Mignon Hemsley and Danuelle Doswell’s Grounded sells plants that are believed to help individuals relax and focus. It offers low-maintenance, pet-friendly, and seasonal plants for all types of plant lovers, as well as self-watering crystals, planters, and watering cans.

7. My Crazy Plant Life

This online store sells succulents, aroids, orchids, and other plants, including many that may be hung on the wall simply to add some creative flair to your house or office. My Crazy Plant Life also offers hands-on and creative seminars for plant lovers.

8. Terra Cotta

Keneisha Malone started Terra Cotta with a friend in Memphis, developing it in 2015 at an autism clinic. On top of retailing house plants, The boutique is also a popular gathering spot for Black artists and sells work by over 20 of them. In addition, Terra Cotta holds mini-concerts, workshops, and plant exchanges.