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Samia Gore's Plant-Based Body Complete RX Aims To Boost Black Women's Vitality

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Samia Gore was tired of having to work so hard to maintain her healthy lifestyle. She struggled to find time outside of her federal job to cook healthy meals, get enough sleep, exercise, and put herself first.

Gore decided to take matters into her own hands by building a wellness system. Body Complete RX (BCRX) is the first plant-based weight-management program for Black women.

Gore, who prefers a plant-based diet and holistic health, worked with Dr. Ruby Lathon. To promote a balanced, healthy lifestyle, they jointly created and marketed five product lines. The plant-based supplement systems were intended to complete the wellness journey and give healthier meals on-the-go, more energy throughout the day, and simpler ways to unwind before bed.

After years of creating and self-funding the brand, Gore was able to run it full-time. The brand breaks barriers. She's the first Black woman to create a profitable firm in the male-dominated supplement industry. Gore released BCRX's plant-based, vegan supplements at The Vitamin Shoppe in August 2021. She was among Inc.'s 100 Female Entrepreneurs of the Year for manufacturing supplements for people of color.

Continue reading for a selection of The Vitamin Shoppe's plant-based weight management, nutrition, skincare, and pre-workout goods.


Body Complete Rx Trim Kit $180

This bundle covers all of the brand's weight control products and has nearly 500 reviews. It helps speed up your metabolism, decrease your hunger, enhance your energy, and restore weight management. You'll also receive 30 servings of the vegan-friendly Nourish protein powder, which is supplemented with beetroot and sweet potato for its high antioxidant content.

Vitality and immunity

Body Complete Rx BCRX Kit $130

This set includes Balance Probiotic Capsules to promote intestinal health. BCRX Multivitamin, Calm Relaxation Capsules, and Protect Seamoss Capsules boost mood, bone strength, and energy.

Glowing skin

Body Complete Rx Glow Kit $120

The Glow Kit enhances beauty. This package provides everything you need to create tighter, elevated, smoother skin inside and out. Restore Collagen Powder contains skin-supporting peptides and coconut water in one daily scoop. Vitamin C Serum in the kit brightens and firms skin for a sun-kissed look.

Boost your exercise session

Body Complete Rx Perform Kit $60

With this nootropic-boosted pre-workout, reach your goals. Pre-Workout Powder helps you go hard, get ripped, and level up. It reduces discomfort and fatigue, builds muscle, and increases endurance. It contains performance-boosting L-Citrulline and energy-boosting Beta Alanine.

Fortify your health

Body Complete Rx Nourish Kit $80

Nourish includes 20 grams of protein and 9 essential amino acids per serving to help muscle building and toning. Antioxidants in the protein powder improve heart and blood vessel health, boost immunity, and preserve healthy skin. You can combine your favorite foods to produce a customized bundle.