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Sling Surgery Equally Effective for Women with Urinary Incontinence, Says Study

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The study found that the sling procedure was as effective as the traditional procedure in curing urinary incontinence in most patients.

A newer and simpler "sling" surgery can be used for women with frequent urine leaking, according to a new clinical trial.

Stress urinary incontinence is when movement puts pressure on the abdomen. The movements are often simple, normal daily activities like running, lifting, coughing or laughing. In many cases, this movement causes urine leakage. In severe one, the condition can require surgery.

In the trial, the old mid-urethral sling and the newer mini-sling were both tested in nearly 600 women. More than 75% of patients in both groups reported success after one year. Women who received the mini-sling for incontinence were less likely to say they had pain during sex, according to the study finds. Also, women who received the standard mid-urethral sling did have more pain in the two weeks following surgery.

Dr. Ann Norton says women should talk to their surgeon about the options and choose the one that "optimizes" what they value most. Other options include diet changes, exercise and quitting smoking, Dr. Jill Maura Rabin says.

Overall, researchers believe the study provides "robust evidence on patient-reported outcomes of mini-slings."