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Hungover? Down One of These Comfort Meals To Help The World Stop Spinning

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Getting older may have made your hangovers worse. As we age, our liver enzymes and body water weight decrease, making it tougher to break down alcohol.

Other research reveals that as we age, we drink less, which makes us more sensitive to smaller amounts. You don't want a hangover, right? They destroy your day (or two, if you're good). They're distracting. They make you feel like everything is wrong.

Science and stories demonstrate that some meals can help a hangover. Before you pour the first drink, you'll want to have these on hand. You can't order decent food online when hungover - at least not very well. So, here are the best meals for a hangover.

Fruit Smoothie

Smoothies are wonderful for a hangover because they need few dishes. You can just blend everything together. If you can stand the blender noise, that is -- depending on how hard you went, it might hurt your hangover brain.

If you’re game, however, smoothies swiftly rehydrate you after alcohol, which dries you out. Adding berries gives your body the antioxidants it needs after drinking toxic booze. Add an electrolyte-rich banana. Smoothies are easy to drink in bed, so you can watch Netflix.

Watermelon, Spinach, Goat cheese salad

Okay, a salad may not be your first choice when drunk, but listen to the bennies and then decide. Folate from spinach is depleted by drinking, which causes headaches, dizziness, and other hangover symptoms. Adding watermelon to spinach makes it sweeter. Being mainly water, watermelon helps quench thirst and rehydrate your body. The National Library of Medicine states it's high in L-citrulline, a blood-flow nutrient. Sprinkle on some goat cheese for nutrition and flavor (or your variety of choice).

Eggs and Bacon

If you have one too many martinis, try this simple, classic breakfast. Bacon's protein can revive brain neurotransmitters. Bacon is amazing, but you knew that. Eggs have enzymes that help break down alcohol, according to Medical News Today, and they digest easily.

Chicken Noodle Soup

It's not only a good way to get over a cold or illness, but chicken noodle soup also helps a hangover. Its salt and water content can help you recover after a night of drinking. Chicken protein can boost energy. Crackers are fast-acting carbs that offer you energy and help control blood sugar. Blood sugar rises and falls when drinking alcohol. Low blood sugar is uncomfortable, but food definitely helps.

Oatmeal ‘Supreme’

When your head is exploding and you feel like mush, eat some to feel better. Seriously! Loaded oatmeal can ease a hangover because oats contain iron and magnesium, which alcohol depletes. They also minimize inflammation, which causes many of your symptoms. If you add a little honey, it can also help your body get rid of alcohol faster, according to research. Top it with walnuts for an extra little boost of magnesium.

A Virgin Bloody Mary

If you're hungover from one Bloody Mary too many, then try a virgin version. This drink contains tomato juice, which helps prevent dehydration and contains antioxidants your body needs after consuming an excess of alcohol. It protects the liver. If you want to get fancy, you can pair it with bacon -- it’s also a recommended hangover snack. And while you’re at it, add pickle spheres to help replace electrolytes lost from too much drinking.