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1st New Sickle Cell Medicine In 20 Years Is Now Being Prescribed to Patients

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In order to stop the reduction in blood and oxygen flow that causes a sickle cell crisis, crizanlizumab, which is administered via a transfusion drip, binds to a protein in the blood cells.

People with African or African-Caribbean ancestry are significantly more likely to have the inherited disorder. Monthly episodes experienced by sickle cell patients make it challenging for people to continue with their employment or other daily activities.

The medication is anticipated to cut emergency room visits by sickle cell patients by 40%.

Loury Mooruth, a sickle cell warrior, described having a sickle cell crisis as feeling like someone was cutting their joints apart with a knife, especially their hips and legs.

"There's still a long way to go," says the campaigner and sickle cell patient on new medication.

How well-versed in sickle cell anemia are medical professionals?

One of the ten new treatment facilities for sickle cell disease across the nation is Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust. Regardless of where they reside in the nation, patients will have access to the new treatment through their consultant at one of these clinics.

“It's wonderful that our first NHS patients have received this revolutionary and historic breakthrough medication for sickle cell disease - the first in more than 20 years,” according to Dr. Bola Owolabi, NHS Director of Health Inequalities and GP in the Midlands.

The latest and greatest treatments for patients can now be given at a cost that is accessible for taxpayers thanks to the NHS' agreement for this treatment.

What you didn't know about sickle cell illness and living with it

According to Kye Gbangbola MBA, chair of the Sickle Cell Society, "We are thrilled to see the first sickle cell sufferers are now gaining access to this life-changing breakthrough medication. We invite everyone who qualifies to take similar action.

“It is [great] to see new medicines becoming accessible after [so long] because sickle cell is an illness that is undertreated and underappreciated. To help patients with sickle cell live better lives, we hope that this will be the first of many innovative medicines that become available.”