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Tracee Ellis Ross, Buy From A Black Woman, H&M Empower Business Owners

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She dominates the beauty business with her PATTERN hair care products and accessories. Tracee Ellis Ross is collaborating with H&M USA and Buy From A Black Woman to assist Black women entrepreneurs.

According to a news release, H&M will partner with Buy From A Black Woman for the second year. Ross is the charity's ambassador.

Ross gave guidance on how other young Black female entrepreneurs might succeed during a sit-down with Buy From a Black Woman creator Nikki Porcher at H&M's LA showroom. Ross is thrilled to support Buy From a Black Woman's business owners. Black women's talents are often overlooked, so we must work together to create success.

Purchasing From A Black Woman founded in 2016 with the goal of giving Black women all the resources they require for success, such as funding, educational activities, and an online directory. The Buy From a Black Woman Inspire Tour, which will put goods from Black women-owned businesses on shelves in a few H&M shops across the nation, will be sponsored by H&M USA and receive sponsorship in the second year of their collaboration. H&M USA plans to donate $250,000 to BFABW during this time.

Ross is one of the most effective champions of Black women-owned businesses, says BFABW founder Nikki Porcher.

“Tracee Ellis Ross becoming a Buy From A Black Woman advocate is huge. This year, we commemorate Black Women and show them as role models. Ms. Ross shows how important it is to assist Black women entrepreneurs, in my opinion. We're honored to work with her and retain our H&M partnership,” she said.

Donna Dozier Gordon, Head of Inclusion and Diversity for H&M Region Americas, said Tracee Ellis Ross as a BFABW ambassador will help raise awareness of Black women-run firms. Ms. Ross said the Buy From A Black Woman ambassadorship will "amplify the vital work being done to raise the success of Black women company owners."

"H&M's engagement with Buy From A Black Woman exemplifies the influence we hope to have," the retailer says.