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O-My, O-Wow: The Many Types of Orgasms You Didn't Even Know Existed

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If you want to experience multiple orgasms, you can. That may sound incredible or even improbable, but it’s absolutely true.

Not everyone enjoys every kind of orgasm, and that's okay. What's important to know is that you have options, and likely far more than you ever knew before!

According to Gigi Engle, a professional sex coach, sex educator with The Alexander Institute, and pleasure specialist at O.School, pushing oneself to experience orgasm could be counterproductive. Not climax, which she refers to as a "nice byproduct," but sexual pleasure should be the main focus of your story.

Engle reaffirms a common misconception that if an orgasm doesn't occur, the sexual experience was insufficient or invalid, or that you or your partner didn't perform well. Sexual activity shouldn't be a means to an end, she argues, but rather something to make both parties happy.

According to licensed sexologist Barbara Carrellas, you should practice alone initially if you want more orgasms of different types. Remember to only research these possibilities if you're curious and at ease.

Anal Orgasm

Anal intercourse is being tried and enjoyed by more women. According to the National Survey of Sex and Behavior, more women than either vaginal or oral intercourse, 94%, reported having anal sex in 2009.

Engle contends that in people with clitoris, all orgasms—including those caused by anal penetration—are clitoral. She asserts that the clitoris is the center of female pleasure.

According to Engle, certain women can pass via the anus to the clitoris and have orgasms.

Although the rectum and vaginal canal share a thin wall, the anal canal possesses numerous nerve endings. The internal clitoris apex, or G-spot, can now be reached by the anus.

The back of the clitoris serves as the G-spot. According to Engle, you arrive at the internal clitoris where the urethral sponge and canal unite to the back of the clitoris. Additionally clitoral-based, a G-spot orgasm.

The clitoris consists of about 8,000 nerve cells. While external clitoral stimulation is required for orgasm in 37% of American women, there is no "normal." Any stimulus, even anal sex, can cause orgasms in some women.

Energy Orgasm

An erotic event can occur during an energy orgasm.

Energy rages are uncommon. The stress in the body, mind, and soul is released during an energy orgasm. Carrellas conducts tantra seminars with a mindful sexuality theme.

According to her, we release stress and energy during an energy orgasm. Although it is not localized, it is comparable to a physical volcanic orgasm. Your legs and arms feel at ease following the climax, with possibly tingling in your hands. You can breathe deeply and more easily now. profound relaxation

An energy orgasm is not just triggered by physical or sexual stimulation. An energy orgasm, according to Carrellas, will extend "beyond your body's bounds."

Engle asserts that giving pleasure could result in an energetic orgasm. According to her, "I've worked with women who can orgasm from giving a blow job, either from the sensuous energy of providing a partner with pleasure or by grinding against one of their legs, which can stimulate the clitoris and produce orgasm."

Nipple Orgasm

Women can induce orgasm by deliberately stimulating their nipples, despite them being erogenous zones. Nipple stimulation may trigger orgasm, according to research that dates back to the 1950s, including one that was published in 2011 in Sexual and Relationship Therapy.

What triggers nipple orgasms? According to Engle, the brain connects all nerve endings from the genitalia and nipples.

According to Engle, your nipples have a direct nerve ending that connects to the clitoral network. "The clitoris receives signals from the nipples."

The same neurons that are affected by genital sensory activity are also affected by breast sensory activity, according to a 2011 Journal of Sexual Medicine article. These neurons similarly produce and release oxytocin.

All orgasms, according to Carrellas, occur in the brain regardless of where in the body they are triggered. The brain regions that are activated during an orgasm depend on what caused it, which is similar to how the brain is stimulated during meditation.

Zone Orgasm

Contrary to popular belief, some individuals can orgasm without genital stimulation. According to 2011 research, a nongenital orgasm is referred to as a "zone orgasm," which happens when a sensitive area or zone that isn't often used for sensual stimulation is engaged.

Out of 216 respondents, 31 women said they had experienced a zone orgasm, with many doing so by being stimulated in the neck, earlobes, underarms, hips, thighs, toes, and fingers. Some women have had orgasmic kisses on their own.

The inner thighs and the backs of the knees, according to Engle, are erogenous areas. Erogenous zones can be seen on the back of the neck, beneath the ears, and on the scalp. It can be possible to arouse sexual desire with a light head scratch.

She claims that if you so desire, your entire epidermis can be erogenous. Mindpower has value.

The idea that thinking erotically could result in erotic experiences is not new, according to Engle. Imaginary genital stimulation has been the subject of research by cognitive neuroscientist Nan Wise of Rutgers University. According to his research, women who visualize physical stimulation can activate the same brain areas as when they are really stimulated. Women have reported having telepathic orgasms (orgasms that occur during dreaming).

Women might be able to "think off," which means they could produce sexual effects by thinking and seeking a sexual experience.


Exercise speeds up respiration, blood flow, muscle contraction, and heart rate. Because it sounds like an orgasm, some women might be experiencing one. Exercise can cause orgasms, sometimes known as "coregasms," according to a 2012 Indiana University study.

Researchers interviewed 246 women who had exercise-induced sexual pleasure and 124 women who experienced orgasms. In the poll of women between the ages of 18 and 63, about 40% reported having more than ten experiences of orgasms and sexual satisfaction brought on by exercise. The majority (51.4 percent) stated that they had an orgasm while performing stomach exercises within the previous 90 days. Biking (15.8%%), running (13.2%), yoga (20%), weightlifting (26.5%), and walking/hiking (26.5%) all had an impact (9.6 percent).

Orgasms brought on by exercise are still being studied, however they may vary in intensity with breath. Any joy can be intensified by breathing.

Folsom claims that tantric breath practices can intensify and extend any sexual bliss. An orgasm that lasts five seconds can last for thirty.

In addition to breathing, energy, and sexual movement, Folsom advises partners to practice honest and effective communication.